We make the impossible possible.

Our experience in managing complex process flows and coordinating diverse project partners confers the ability on us and the opportunity on you to handover complex tasks to our professional project management.
Our core capabilities are well applied to our day-to-day activities in market analysis. We are continuously screening actual areas in automotive development and thereof prematurely derive trends which we then transfer into goal-oriented concept development. Thereby changes in legislation as well as potential shifting of consumer behavior may be considered. Reasons for such studies could be new test procedures for compatibility checks of vehicles or improvements in adaptability of restraint systems and their related impact on future designs of vehicle safety.
Thus we ensure ideas to become true innovations with successful market penetration at a very high maturity level.
In doing so our, customers can put their ideas with a clear conscience in our hands - because we do not want to oppose our concepts by hook or by crook upon our customers.

Our core capabilities

  • Circuit design and layout
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Electronics integration for mechatronic approaches
  • Algorithm development for electric drives applications

found the comprehensive basis thereto.