B.E-COMPETE Electronically Commuted Power Trek

Our aim is to replace the common hydraulic drive of a four segment convertible soft-top with two synchronized BLDC drives. We are constructing “automotive suitable” activation devices for brushless motors in different engine-power classes. Those are:

  • Service free
  • On a low noise level
  • Highest power density

Currently we are working on the realization of a synchronized algorithm for the “Twindrive” as well as on the implementation of PWM driven softstart-/stop chutes and optimized velocity profiles.

Also we already have obtained a premium car convertible soft-top to work with on which we reconstructed the main hydraulic drive and converted it into an electro mechanic spindle drive for two BLDC motors with integrated hall sensors. Along with this we implemented the software for the engine control. The synchronized algorithm for the “Twin-drive” is already implemented as well and we made sure that the whole concept works with the premium car soft-top.