For a small company like ours, quality is an essential issue that has great importance to us. No matter the number of pieces ordered or how extensive the service offering may be the quality performance must be flawless. To take another step towards quality assurance we have implemented an Application Lifecycle Management System in our business at the beginning of this year. The so-called ALM Tool supervises a product through its complete lifecycle. The product manager can store all available information about the product in the system, starting with the customers’ needs over testing up to quality assurance in the field and thus guarantees an ideal traceability. Consequently, the system creates complete specifications for each product. It is possible to chart almost every process due to the implemented modelling languages UML/SysUML which greatly contributes to the avoidance of misunderstandings and risks of errors. The tool is an agile development tool that is designed for the continuous optimization of all processes, as well as the customization for each employee.
All processes that are required according to the QMM (ISO 9001) can be carried out error-free which increases our qualitative performance immensely.