B.LUCENT - Light Under Controlled Entry

Isn’t it sometimes quite aggravating when you drive in the car and the sun shines onto you through every window? You really don’t want to be blinded by the sunlight but you still want to have some light in your car? We think we just might have found the solution to this problem. What would it be like if you could change the shading of every window of the car? Light or dark, depending on what you think is best. By the implementation of multilevel dimming via a potentiometer or a remote control it is possible to adapt the shading of the window glass to your wishes. The levels of dimming can either reduce the sunlight or create complete privacy, as the last level of dimming is dark enough that no insight of the car is possible; the glass is then alike any toned window glass which serves for privacy. Currently we are testing various power stages to adjust performance, amplitude and frequency as well as the switching behavior of glass and the behavior of the ECU in different temperature environments.

Currently the controllers are designed for aftermarket applications.