B.SAVED - Simulation model of Algorithm for Various Electric Drives

The aim of this project is the model based development of an anti-trap algorithm for DC-actuators e.g. Shade systems, window controls and power sunroofs or the like. In addition to that we are working on the improvement of existing anti-trap algorithms, the increase of the robustness of algorithms as well as the contraction of the parameterization phases. As well we are elaborating system deviations.

Present-day algorithms are based on e.g. the detection and evaluation of the speed of the system, the detection of the characteristics of a current profile as well as the evaluation and analysis of various exceptions. Those exceptions are for example:

  • Voltage drops
  • System inconsistencies
  • Starting behaviour
  • Inversion of the direction

These development tools have been established in use and were tested and proved repeatedly. Further steps we could initiate would be to picture the specific extra treatment more realistically. This way we would be able to tighten our software and algorithm development in a better way.