One of our showcases is the development and production of ECUs for an electronic shade system. These control units are then built into vehicles of notable manufacturers. It can be controlled via a dual level switch for manual and automatic run. In doing that the ECU is actuating the DC-Motor voltage-, power- and velocity-monitored and controls the position of the particular system via hall sensors.

The implementation of special block algorithms or the development of task optimized thermal protection allows the exhausting of the mechanical systems for their specific use. The ECUs were introduced to the EU- and US-market and fulfill all the necessary legislation requirements concerning anti-trap. The control units will be distributed to EMS-partners by our subcontractors.

In addition to the sunshade systems we offer control units for convertible soft-tops. In general these ECUs are integrated into the vehicle architecture via LIN bus. The actuating can be carried out selectively through bus commands or mechanical switches.

As with the ECUs for the sunshades we too offer the distribution in cooperation with our production partner for the convertible soft-tops.