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To us it is important to uphold a high quality standard. As long as we produce decent quality products our customers are satisfied – that is our highest aim. We work according to the principle of individual responsibility, to enhance productivity in our business as well as to create a good working atmosphere in which our employees are solely responsible for the quality of their work. We take on the daily challenge of working to the best of our ability and are thus continuously improving the overall working performance as well as the business output of the company. Only like that we manage to offer all our services knowing we can master them to perfection.

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Thereby we want to make sure our quality standards are always on the rise. We also work according to the guidelines of ISO/TS 16949 (FMEA, 8D-Report, risk analysis etc.). We demand that our production partners and suppliers are certified accordingly.

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Another aspect to which we attach great importance is the sustainability of our business, great environmental awareness and the responsibility coming along with it. Our work is strongly based on our company policies which you can find on our website. The next milestone we strive for the certification according to the ISO 14001.