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As early as 1949 it was written that „Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.” (Basic law Art. 1 § 1) in the Constitution for the Federal Republic of Germany. Furthermore it says „All persons shall be equal before the law.” (Basic law Art. 3 § 1)

We entirely act according to those principles. Our business emphasizes the „we“ because we want our employees to feel welcome and at ease at all times – for the benefit of our business as well as the benefit of each of our employees. Thereby it is not only important to us how our staff members treat each other, but also we want to make sure that their workplaces are safe. For that reason we regularly examine all our risk associated facilities.

Each member of staff is expected to treat external associates with the same attitude they display towards their own colleagues. We strive for a healthy and friendly relationship with all our business contacts at all times.

Last but not least in our business a vital importance is to be ascribed to the environment. Anxious to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible we would like to take this opportunity to motivate other companies not to underestimate the environments high significance and contribute to the protection of the environment at an early stage.

To ensure all of the declarations above are accounted for we put them down in several documents – our company policies.

You can download the PDF files of our policies down below.