B.CONVERTED - COmmoN RolloVER TriggEr Device

This little converter turns, unnoticed by the default airbag ECUs, trigger signals into activation energy for efficient actuators of reversible restraint systems. Thereby it reads and evaluates the trigger signals at their admission points, diagnoses the ignition cable and energy supply to provide magnets and motors with the appropriate power. On the output side the drive lines and the actuators functionality are diagnosed and the results are sent back to the airbag ECU via its testing strategy. The highlights of the muscular board are:

  • „Docking“ onto every airbag ECU possible without a single intervention in hard- and software
  • Complete integration in the release mechanism possible (roll bars, head-rest, pedestrian protection, etc.)
  • Integration of sensor compontents possible
  • Use of standard-automotive components

Our converter increases the flexibility of our customers and suppliers in that way, that we are able to create a total independence of airbag electronics and reversible restraint systems.