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The interdiciplinary and systematic method of advanced, quality-based planing at the beginning of the process of prouct development.

In the area of structured development processing Bauer Safety Engineering uses a professional tool to avoid failure and produce high-quality products at the earliest possible moment. Hereby we rely on the instrument of a manufacturer who is well-established in the automotive section.

The FMEA, the failure mode and effects analysis is based on a systematic approach as well as on interdiciplinary and creative working, critical evaluation and much more.

  • Our method:

    Our aims while using the FMEA method focus on the early recognizing and localizing of failure in the products and processes. We are trying to achieve a constant improvement of products and processes by investing time to recognize risks and causes. Afterwards we will thorougly try to avoid these. The improvement of the products and processes mainly takes place through the systematic analysis of potential failures. Thereby the state of the product development and process planing is contantly documented in order to constructively avoid failure costs.

  • Our motivation behind the method:
    • Contract law

    • Protection of health and property (product liability, „state of the art“)

    • Accident control (criminal law)

      => Proof of dute to take care

    • Value Analysis and Value Engineering

           => demand of QM-systems (ISO 9001, QS9000, ISO/TS 16949) 


  • Range of application:

    On the contrary to the official form-based line of action in this case the functional and non-functional requirements are in the foregroand.
    Functions and failures clearly describe causes and effects of every induvidual case. The assignment of system elements to main functions additionally allows extreme widely oriented developments.
    Value analysis and cost-benefit analylsis depicts only one of the many advantages. The tool and the appropriate course of action are used in proprietary development as well as in service areas of consulting.Thereby either moderative projections or even complete value analysis project can be shown off. The main focus of the outcome lies on the improvement of quality as well as the very important optimization of costs.